Ep. 101 - Going High Tech with Gemini Man

One Will Smith isn't enough, so we're doubling up the Will Smiths and talking all about his new movie: Gemini Man! Join us as we discuss the long history of the production of the film, Ang Lee and Jerry Bruckheimer teaming up, as well as when story fails technology. David has issues with the travel shortcuts. Rick wants justice for Baron. All that and more!

Ep. 87 - Aladdin 2019 & Growing Up Disney

The Popcorn Diet welcomes Special Guest Good Movie Buddy Lindsey Friend to the podcast to talk all about Disney and Aladdin! After apologies for the wonky audio, we talk all about the remake trend, various Disney villains, and being pleasantly surprised by this newest Disney live-action tale. Rick introduces his guest to the Venom thirst. Lindsey has some hot takes about Disney villains. All that and more!