SERIES DEBUT! Perfect Popcorn - Jurassic Park

The Popcorn Diet presents the first episode of new series dedicated to celebrating the movies that we love, the movies that shaped us, and the movies that will always be Perfect Popcorn. Our inaugural episodes focuses on one of the most influential films of a generation: Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park. Join us as we recount history, talk about our favorite moments, and assess if it still holds up to this day. All that and more, on the first episode of Perfect Popcorn!

Ep. 39 - Ready Player One, Nostalgia, and Spielberg

Nostalgia and pop culture fuel this weeks new movie as The Popcorn Diet gets together to discuss the newest adventure film from Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One. We go off the rails talking about what nostalgia means to us, the Spielberg films that most impacted us, and how much fun we had jacked up on energy drinks seeing a late night showing of the film. Rick reminisces about Chucky. David ends his movie on a freeze frame. All that and more!