Ep. 91 - Spider-Man: Far From Home

Phase Three comes to a close for the MCU, and we're celebrating the end of The Infinity Saga with its final entry, Spider-Man: Far From Home. We break down what makes this version of the wall crawler so unique in the MCU, discuss characters, performances, this series' habit for a good twist, and what we think might happen in the future of Spidey and the MCU. Rick blanks on a famous cameo name. David leaves Rick hanging out to dry. All that and more!

Ep. 68 - Swinging Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can! Our latest episode prepares to go deep into the Spider-Verse as we discuss the newest Wall Crawler film. Join us as we discuss Spider-Man films of the past, talk about how that history benefits the new film, and how it succeeds as a gorgeous new evolution of animation and superhero storytelling. David gives us a Spider history lesson. Rick makes fun of 1980s Jospeh Zito. All that and more!

Ep. 61 - Venom

WE. ARE. VENOM. The Popcorn Diet takes on the symbiotic alien antihero as we discuss Sony's latest superhero attempt: Venom. Join us as we talk about the differences between a good movie and an enjoyable movie, Tom Hardy's commitment to the role, and when a single part of a film elevates it as a whole. David is all in on Woody. Rick wants more prestige actors in goofy movies. All that and more!

Franchise Refills: MCU Ep. 16 - Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gets his own entry into the MCU on this Free Refills mini episode recapping Spider-Man: Homecoming. Come join us as we talk about the great, diverse characters, the smart decision Sony made to partner with Marvel, and where we go after this. David steals Rick's choice. Rick relates to the bad guy. All that and more!

The Popcorn Diet Ep. 7 - History of Heroes / Assembling Our Top 10 / Spider-Man: Homecoming

The boys are back to discuss one of the biggest movies of the year and break down the superhero genre as it evolved over time. David shows some emotional cracks for an unlikely film. Rick makes a stand on his favorite Zorro film. All that plus more!