Ep. 77 - Oscar Reactions & Hindsight Results

The 91st Annual Academy Awards are in the rearview mirror, so it's naturally time for us to discuss the winners, losers, ceremony, and more. Join us for our passionate, rambling, sometimes incoherent conversation about our overall reaction to the night, our look at the progressive, exciting wins, and wonder what the struggle of New Academy vs. Old Academy has given us. David uses sports as a barometer. Rick wants the Oscar to go to Dafoe in Speed 2. All that and more!

2019 Oscar Primer: Roma

The Oscar Nominations are out tomorrow, and that means our final Oscar Primer episode of the season! This time we talk about the beautiful film Roma and how it's relevance extends beyond the story of the film all the way to its distribution and style. Join Rick and David as we discuss performances, filmmaking, distribution methods, and what nominations we think it could capture!