Ep. 99 - Festival Season Oscar Predictions

As the Fall arrives, so does the talk of film festivals, awards, and studio politics. It's only natural that this week gives us the first Oscar Predictions episode from The Popcorn Diet! Join us as we discuss the festival season thus far, who's losing and gaining momentum, and our predictions for all the over-the-line categories. Rick does a whole lot of talking, shocker. David has questions about Oscar bait. All that and more!

Ep. 92 - Our 2019 Mid-Year in Review

We're halfway through the 2019 film year and it's time for The Popcorn Diet to take stock of where we've been and what's coming up! Join us for our halfway year in review as we talk about our favorite movies, the biggest surprises, the state of movie going, and what we're excited about for the rest of the year. David gives us his box office history lesson. Rick stays positive about all the different ways to see movies. All that and more!

Ep. 76 - Final Oscar Predictions

Awards Season is coming to a close and the 91st Annual Academy Awards are just a few days away. Join us on our latest episode as we try to make sense of this years' confusing, unprecedented awards season, use stats and history to try and mold our guesses, and give our final predictions before the night of the Oscars. David connects existing material with Oscar wins. Rick understands why women are so pissed off. All that and more!