Ep. 62 - Bad Times at the El Royale

Mystery, intrigue, twists, turns and Bad Times abound at the historical El Royale hotel as The Popcorn Diet discusses one of their most anticipated movies of the year. Join your good movie buddies as they discuss their reactions to Bad Times at the El Royale, focus on a brilliant character and story balance from writer/director Drew Goddard, and discuss the spoiler policy. David is listening to the music. Rick speaks directly to Beyoncé. All that and more!

The Popcorn Diet Ep. 12 - The Wild Western / Pops Williamson Special Guest Hosts / Wind River

A very special episode as Rick's Pops, David Williamson, joins The Popcorn Diet as a guest host to discuss westerns and their history! Pops makes some real deep cuts. John Wayne is just below God. Rick blames Pops for how he is. That and so much more!