Ep. 61 - Venom

WE. ARE. VENOM. The Popcorn Diet takes on the symbiotic alien antihero as we discuss Sony's latest superhero attempt: Venom. Join us as we talk about the differences between a good movie and an enjoyable movie, Tom Hardy's commitment to the role, and when a single part of a film elevates it as a whole. David is all in on Woody. Rick wants more prestige actors in goofy movies. All that and more!

Ep. 20 - A Celebration of Good Bad Movies / Geostorm

Firstly, apologies for some of the crummy audio, as The Popcorn Diet worked remote for this episode. Coming to you from Orlando, the boys discuss Geostorm, Good Bad Movies, and what makes them so good. David loves Chris Klein as Charlie Nash. Rick flips out again. All that and more!