Ep. 51 - Skyscraper and Future President The Rock

It's The Rock vs. Terrorists AND a burning building as The Canadian Machine David Mehlhorn returns to talk about SKYSCRAPER! Join us as we discuss our love for Dwayne Johnson, how the film offers great disaster elements and healthy family dynamics, but how it's almost all derailed by a weak terrorist element. Rick is ready to campaign for President The Rock. David is thankful for the sleeping babies. All that and more!

Ep. 20 - A Celebration of Good Bad Movies / Geostorm

Firstly, apologies for some of the crummy audio, as The Popcorn Diet worked remote for this episode. Coming to you from Orlando, the boys discuss Geostorm, Good Bad Movies, and what makes them so good. David loves Chris Klein as Charlie Nash. Rick flips out again. All that and more!