Ep. 75 - The Lego Movie 2

Everything is Awesome! Or is it?? We build this weeks episode all around The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part! Is the sequel to the surprising 2014 film a winner, or does it feel like cobbled together spare parts? Join us as we talk about the apparent diminishing returns of the Lego franchise, meta humor, individuality, and growing up. Rick shares his earliest memory. David appreciates the basketball references. All that and more!

Franchise Refill: MCU Ep. 10 - Guardians of the Galaxy

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The Popcorn Diet is going cosmic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this week, looking at Guardians of the Galaxy and the impact it had on the MCU. Our Free Refills mini episode analyzes the cast, the soundtrack, and the history of the Guardians. David calls for Oscar nominations! Rick is hunting for unfound easter eggs. All that and more!