2019 Oscar Primer: Black Panther

Our Oscar Primer miniseries continues, this time returning to the sovereign nation of Wakanda to revisit one of the biggest films of the year: Black Panther! The Marvel blockbuster is gaining more steam with critics nominations and a building Awards Season buzz. Join us, along with special guest movie buddy Jeremy Nakano, as we discuss performances, filmmaking, and what nominations we think it could capture!

Franchise Refills: MCU Ep. 18 - Black Panther

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Still locked in a hotel room outside of Austin, The Popcorn Diet wraps up our Free Refills look back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe by recapping one of the biggest movies of 2018, and all time, with Black Panther. Only a couple of months removed, the boys go back to Wakanda to remember the best moments of the film, heap praise on M'Baku, and talk about what's in store for Ryan Coogler. David gets help from Rick on the pronunciations. Rick is pumped for Ryan Coogler's future. All that and more!


Ep. 32 - Black Panther Reactions!

Wakanda Forever! The Popcorn Diet bows to the King of Wakanda this week. We've seen Black Panther, and we have thoughts about one of the biggest movies of this young year. Is it the Best MCU film thus far? Listen and find out! Rick is blown away by a final line. David works hard on getting the names right. All that and more!