Ep. 99 - Festival Season Oscar Predictions

As the Fall arrives, so does the talk of film festivals, awards, and studio politics. It's only natural that this week gives us the first Oscar Predictions episode from The Popcorn Diet! Join us as we discuss the festival season thus far, who's losing and gaining momentum, and our predictions for all the over-the-line categories. Rick does a whole lot of talking, shocker. David has questions about Oscar bait. All that and more!

Ep. 76 - Final Oscar Predictions

Awards Season is coming to a close and the 91st Annual Academy Awards are just a few days away. Join us on our latest episode as we try to make sense of this years' confusing, unprecedented awards season, use stats and history to try and mold our guesses, and give our final predictions before the night of the Oscars. David connects existing material with Oscar wins. Rick understands why women are so pissed off. All that and more!

Ep. 72 - Our Final 2019 Oscar Predictions!

The 2019 Oscar nominations are just around the corner, so you know it's time for The Popcorn Diet to do one final group of predictions before the announcement! This episode we take a look at the Awards season overall, how films have gained or lost momentum, and make our final picks for the above-the-line categories. David holds out hope for Coogler. Rick breaks down the way Academy voting works. All that and more!

2019 Oscar Primer: Black Panther

Our Oscar Primer miniseries continues, this time returning to the sovereign nation of Wakanda to revisit one of the biggest films of the year: Black Panther! The Marvel blockbuster is gaining more steam with critics nominations and a building Awards Season buzz. Join us, along with special guest movie buddy Jeremy Nakano, as we discuss performances, filmmaking, and what nominations we think it could capture!

Ep. 67 - Oscars 2019 Prediction Update

Awards season is in full swing and it's time we update our predictions! After the National Board of Review announced their winners, The Popcorn Diet takes a look as whose stock is rising, whose is falling, and what predictions need to change. David thinks forward to the Oscar bait onslaught. Rick uses his soapbox for diversity. All that and more!

2019 Oscar Primer: First Man

Our Oscar Primer miniseries continues, this time we turn our focus to the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man. Directed by Oscar winner Damien Chazelle, it’s a film unlike any historical space film before it, focusing on the visceral intensity of space travel and the effect it had on an emotionally distant Neil and his family. Join The Popcorn Diet as we discuss performance, filmmaking, and what nominations we think it could capture!

2019 Oscar Primer: A Star Is Born

Our Oscar Primer miniseries continues, this time taking a look at one of the most talked about movies of the season, Bradley Cooper's remake of A Star is Born. Led by powerhouse performances from Lady Gaga and Cooper, it's a emotional, thrilling, and heartbreaking look at the rise and fall of stardom. Join us as we discuss performance, filmmaking, and what nominations we think it could capture!

2019 Oscar Primer: Blackkklansman

Awards season is in full swing, and The Popcorn Diet will be with you every movie along the way with our new 2019 Oscar Primer miniseries. Join your good movie buddies as we break down this years biggest contenders for the Academy Awards. This episode, we take a look at Spike Lee's topical, controversial, and entertaining Blackkklansman. Join us as we discuss performance, filmmaking, and what nominations we think it could capture!

Ep. 59 - Goodbye Summer, Hello Awards Season

As the sun sets on the summer movie season, it rises for the fall, for Awards Season. Join The Popcorn Diet as we take a look back at our favorite parts of the summer, biggest disappointments, as well as some surprises. Then we change direction to offer way, way too early Oscar predictions in all of the major categories! Rick forgets about the Summer competition. David is bullish on Black Panther. All that and more!

Ep. 34 - Oscar Predictions 2018

The 90th Annual Academy Awards are days away and The Popcorn Diet is here to make their predictions for the biggest night in Hollywood! We decide who we think SHOULD win and who we think WILL win in all 24 Oscar categories. Rick walks back his anger a little bit. David claims to have seen all the short films. All that and more!

Review Recap Episode 1 - Awards Season 2018

This week is the week of miniseries launches at The Popcorn Diet, and we're here with our first Review Recap mini episode to talk about some of the Oscar-caliber films that you can catch in theaters right now. In this mini episode, Rick reviews Darkest Hour, The Post, Molly's Game, and The Shape of Water. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ThePopcornDiet

Ep. 28 - In The Heart of Oscar / Perfectly Timed Oscar Predictions

The Awards Season is in full swing here at The Popcorn Diet headquarters. The National Board of Review has named The Post Best Film of the Year. The Golden Globe nominations are out. Critics are handing out their awards across the country. It’s time to start getting serious about these awards nominations. Rick wants to fight Timothee. David doesn't buy Streep. All that and more!

The Popcorn Diet Ep. 14 - Seasonal Slowness / Way Too Early Oscar Talk / Too Early Oscar Predictions

David and Rick take a very very early look at how the Oscar awards season could shape up, what movies have already come out that could be contenders, and what is in the future. Rick freaks out about film awards. David is bullish about Steve Carrell. All that and more!