The Popcorn Diet is a labor of love, a lifestyle of movie watching and popcorn eating that has influence the lives of it's two creators ever since they met each other in the 7th grade. We think that every opinion about a movie is valid, and that you should never be put down for owning a copy of Jean Claude Van Damme's Street Fighter because it is the pinnacle of video game movies.

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Rick Williamson

Rick has been an avid movie-goer since the age of six, when his father took him to a screening of  Jurassic Park. Since then, his consumption of movies has been unstoppable, watching everything from gross-out comedies to sweeping epics to dumb action to prestige pictures. He strives to one day beat David at their semi-annual movie watching competition, but as of yet, has not done so. Keeping fighting, beautiful warrior, and one day you shall be victorious. 

David Mehlhorn

David is a Canadian machine with a dark hole in place of where his heart should be. He runs on minimal sleep, maple syrup, and maintaining his victorious status over Rick when it comes to any movie competition in play. If you're ever confused by what he's saying, it's likely because it's a quote from Ocean's 11, 12, or 13. David is the proud father of two human boys and one Boxer Dog.