Ep. 51 - Skyscraper and Future President The Rock

It's The Rock vs. Terrorists AND a burning building as The Canadian Machine David Mehlhorn returns to talk about SKYSCRAPER! Join us as we discuss our love for Dwayne Johnson, how the film offers great disaster elements and healthy family dynamics, but how it's almost all derailed by a weak terrorist element. Rick is ready to campaign for President The Rock. David is thankful for the sleeping babies. All that and more!

Ep. 50 - Ant Man and The Wasp

Go small or go home! The Popcorn Diet welcomes very special guest good movie buddy and brother-in-law Matt Theodosis to discuss Ant-Man and The Wasp! Join us as we discuss refreshing, smaller scale action, antagonists vs. villains, and where the MCU goes in 2019. Rick always wants more Goggins. Matt wants to make changes to the popcorn rating system. All that and more!

Ep. 49 - Welcome to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The park is gone! The Popcorn Diet takes on those majestic and dangerous dinosaurs as we discuss the newest entry in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We take a stroll down memory lane as we reminisce about the original JP, then talk about the newest entry. Do we get more of the same? Or is it a totally different monster? Rick is into the carnage. David needs more money. All that and more!

Ep. 48 - Incredibles 2 & Growing Up Pixar

Fourteen years after The Incredibles was released, we finally get the long-awaited sequel! Join The Popcorn Diet for our latest episode as we welcome Incredibles 2 back into our lives. We discuss the successes of the film both as an animated film and as a superhero film, look at it's box office impact, and go off on maybe the most random tangent in the history of the podcast. Rick is terrible at math. David relates to Mr. Incredible. All that and more!

Ep. 47 - Ocean's 8

Coming to you from the place that started the Oceans franchise, The Popcorn Diet is here to talk about Ocean's 8 straight from their hotel room in Las Vegas! Rick and David, a little worse for wear, discuss the newest spinoff film and talk about the great cast, the slightly underwhelming heist, and our favorite parts of the film. Rick is looking for a little more villainy. David has plans for the franchise. All that and more!

Ep. 46 - Upgrade and Low Budget Cinema

This week, podcast is on the road again, coming to you from New Orleans! That doesn't stop The Popcorn Diet from talking about movies, and we went and saw the newest Blumhouse production Upgrade! Join us as we discuss successful low budget qualities, the bloody good time the movie is, and if we're afraid of growing technology! David doesn't trust driverless cars. Rick gets creeped out by malfunctions. All that and more!

Ep. 45 - Solo and the State of Star Wars

The Popcorn Diet heads back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away to talk about the latest Star Wars Story: Solo. Alliteration aside, we bring in our guest good movie buddy Dallas Nichols to discuss what we liked about the film, the highly-publicized behind the scenes issues, and where Star Wars can go from here. David brings in the casting trivia. Dallas makes great aesthetic points. Rick is feeling grumpy at the fanboys. All that and more!

Ep. 44 - Deadpool 2

The Merc with a Mouth returns for his first ever sequel and The Popcorn Diet is here to reference all the references. Join us as we talk about Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 2, including spoiler free talk, then spoilers about our favorite bits, cameos, jokes, and easter eggs. The boys ponder Deadpool's regenerative powers. Rick thinks DiCaprio was a Ninja Turtle. David comes prepared with Easter Eggs. All that and more!

Ep. 43 - Summer Movie Preview!

With Thanos in the rearview mirror, The Popcorn Diet turns it's sights to the summer movie season. Join us as we discuss the movies we're most excited for in the summer, as well as who we think will win the summer box office for the season, and for each weekend. Rick matches David beat for beat. David makes some wild card choices. All that and more!

Ep. 42 - Infinity War Spoiler Discussion

SPOILER WARNING! Avengers: Infinity War has been in theaters for nearly a week and The Popcorn Diet is here to talk about all the spoilers. Join us as we go spoiler details on characters, deaths, surprises, and more. What character groupings did we like? Who got a bit shortchanged? Who won the movie? Saying anything else... would be a spoiler! Rick clarifies his stance on sympathetic villains. David understands the need for rests between the action. All that and more!

Ep. 41 - Infinity War Spoiler Free Reaction

The Popcorn Diet has seen Avengers: Infinity War and we have some thoughts! Join us on this SPOILER FREE episode as we discuss one of the biggest films in the history of the MCU. Keeping it spoiler free, we discuss how to grade the MCU as individual films versus a series, how Thanos compared as a villain, and what character mismatches we'd like to see in the future. Rick goes on an early rant. David is waging Infinity Wars on tree stumps. All that and more!

Ep. 40 - Avengers Infinity War Hype

After 10 years, the beginning of the end is upon us. The Popcorn Diet is getting pumped up for Avengers: Infinity War. Join us as we talk about our theories and predictions of the film. We go over the infinity stones, what we think will happen in the film, and which characters will live or die in the end. Rick is redefining the word hype. David is looking for The Empire Strikes Back ending. All that and more!

Free Refills: MCU Ep. 18 - Black Panther

Still locked in a hotel room outside of Austin, The Popcorn Diet wraps up our Free Refills look back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe by recapping one of the biggest movies of 2018, and all time, with Black Panther. Only a couple of months removed, the boys go back to Wakanda to remember the best moments of the film, heap praise on M'Baku, and talk about what's in store for Ryan Coogler. David gets help from Rick on the pronunciations. Rick is pumped for Ryan Coogler's future. All that and more!


Free Refills: MCU Ep. 17 - Thor: Ragnarok

Avengers Week is here! Coming to you from a hotel room outside of Austin, The Popcorn Diet kicks off Avengers Week by recapping the latest, wackiest entry with the God of Thunder: Thor Ragnarok. Our second to last MCU Free Refills episode goes over our love for Taika Waititi, how much we love angry toddler Hulk, and where we go from here. Rick is frustrated by the perfection of Chris Hemsworth. David can't get enough Korg. All that and more!

Free Refills: MCU Ep. 16 - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gets his own entry into the MCU on this Free Refills mini episode recapping Spider-Man: Homecoming. Come join us as we talk about the great, diverse characters, the smart decision Sony made to partner with Marvel, and where we go after this. David steals Rick's choice. Rick relates to the bad guy. All that and more!

Review Recap Episode 2 - Monster Movies / Setting Expectations / Summer Prep!

Your very best good movie buddy Rick Williamson is flying solo this week with a recap going over two of the most popular movies in theaters right now: A Quiet Place and Rampage. Join Rick as he breaks down what makes both films so enjoyable even though they couldn't be more different! Rick makes dinner party analogies. He also wants you to set expectations. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ThePopcornDiet

Free Refills: MCU Ep. 15 - Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

Our favorite intergalactic a-holes return as we get closer and closer to Infinity War, recapping Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 on our newest Free Refills episode. Joins us as we deep dive into the film and discuss the emotional impact of fathers and sons, estranged sisters, and a talking raccoon that is a jerk to everyone. David goes to get snacks and returns to the same action scene. Rick pits the Guardians against Winston Churchill. All that and more!

Free Refills: MCU Ep. 14 - Doctor Strange

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduces magic into the equation as we feature Doctor Strange on our latest Free Refills episode. Join us as we discuss who almost got the role, the beautiful shot composition, and why the ending of this film is so effective. David respects the casting department of Marvel. Rick thinks Strange has a better Iron Man evolution than Iron Man. All that and more!

Free Refills: MCU Ep. 13 - Captain America: Civil War

The Avengers are fractured by civil war in our latest Free Refills mini episode. Captain America: Civil War puts the Marvel Cinematic Universe against itself, and The Popcorn Diet revisits the film that shook the MCU status quo to it's very core. Will The Avengers ever be the same again? Find out in our newest episode. Rick really tries not to fight today. David picks the bad guy. All that and more!

Ep. 39 - Ready Player One, Nostalgia, and Spielberg

Nostalgia and pop culture fuel this weeks new movie as The Popcorn Diet gets together to discuss the newest adventure film from Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One. We go off the rails talking about what nostalgia means to us, the Spielberg films that most impacted us, and how much fun we had jacked up on energy drinks seeing a late night showing of the film. Rick reminisces about Chucky. David ends his movie on a freeze frame. All that and more!